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CHDP Referral Process

What are CHDP referrals?
One of the goals of the CHDP Program is to identify children with medical, dental, nutritional and developmental problems. Once identified, the children may need referral for diagnosis and/or treatment of that problem. For those children that are members of the Central Coast Alliance for Health, the CHDP provider and staff will usually assist with the referral. The CHDP staff is also available to assist families.

What kinds of resources are available to pay for a referral?
There are several forms of insurance to pay for services, such as Medi-Cal and Covered California. Regional Center and California Children Services provide help to children with special needs at little or no cost to families. In addition, there are many community organizations that offer free or low cost services to children.

Can families independently refer their children?
Many of the resources available to children can be accessed directly by families. Parents often can make referrals happen faster by initiating the process with a phone call or a letter.

Families can contact the CHDP Administrative Office if they need help with a referral (see contact information in the upper left box).

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