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Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)

Providers and Referring Agencies

“There is a magic window during pregnancy… a time when the desire to be a good mother and raise a healthy, happy child creates motivation to overcome incredible obstacles, including poverty, with the help of a well-trained nurse.”
-Dr. David Olds, PhD, Founder of Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based community health program that serves low-income families who are pregnant with their first child. Over 40 years of scientific study have shown that Nurse-Family Partnership successfully decreases child abuse and neglect, decreases behavioral and intellectual problems in children at age 6, and decreases hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Our team of specially trained nurses help ensure your patients and clients are receiving the care and resources that they need during their pregnancy and beyond. In addition to providing support and education, our nurses provide case management to all clients, referring often to community organizations, physicians, and support services. 

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