The Enhanced Care Management (ECM) program serves adult patients of the County Health Centers who are:

  • Experiencing homelessness - adults and families who do not have stable housing.
  • Have a serious mental illness or substance use disorder - adults who have a serious mental health condition or have a hard time with drug or alcohol use.
  • At risk for being high utilizers of the health care system - adults who have complex health issues and needed to go to the hospital or emergency department many times over the last six months.

To be eligible for ECM, clients must be enrolled with Medi-Cal managed care through the Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH).

How Can ECM Help You?

If you qualify, Enhanced Care Management will have a team that helps you with the following:

  • Talk with doctors, mental health providers, specialists, pharmacists, case managers, social service providers and others to ensure everyone works together to get clients the care they need.
  • Find doctors and schedule appointments for health-related services.
  • Manage medications.
  • Set up a ride to doctors’ visits or the pharmacy.
  • Find and apply for community-based services based on member needs, like housing supports or medically nutritious food.
  • Coordinate follow-up care after the hospital.

Steps to enroll to the Program

If you are a patient of the Santa Cruz County Health Center (Watsonville, Santa Cruz or the Homeless Persons’ Health Project) talk to your primary care provider. They can make a referral to the Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH). CCAH is the managed care plan for Medi-Cal and they administer the Enhanced Care Management Program.

If you are not a patient of the County of Santa Cruz County Health Center, you may be eligible for Enhanced Care Management with another community provider. Contact CCAH member services for more information.

Contact CCAH member
services at: (800) 700-3874

CCAH Website