Peer Support Specialists

An important part of the MAT Program is providing peer mentoring services for patients recovering from opioid addiction. In an effort to combat stigma associated with Medication Assisted Treatment, the innovative program uses collaboration between treatment providers and patients. Peer Support Specialists provide mentoring services for newer patients who are struggling with recovery. This treatment is designed to increase retention and produce positive treatment outcomes.

The MAT Team recruits and trains patients who have progressed in their own recovery and want to help others achieve similar positive outcomes. A basic assumption is that patients in long term recovery, with proper training, demonstrate a strong ability to form a positive therapeutic bond with newer patients. The program recognizes and builds upon the initial gains made by the patient by retaining the patient in treatment while providing evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing.

CONGRATs Kim "Coach" Campbell!

Kim received the 'Volunteer Initiative & Sheriffs Program' award and recognition. Kim volunteered is an Health Services Agency volunteer who has been a peer support specialist with the Syringe Services support (SSP) program.since 2019. Kim uses his personal experience, education and training to connect with patients and provide them with the appropriate care. He has helped many people by bringing them into the clinics to get connected to substance abuse disorder services.

Thanks Kim for all you do for our Santa Cruz Community!!

Watch his award ceremony here!!

“I had PTSD and a lot of anxiety when I came into the MAT program. Suboxone helped me with cravings—it helped me stabilize. I learned a lot of coping skills and never felt judged. It really worked for me.” - MAT Participant