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Prevention and Early Intervention (18-60 Year Olds)

The Prevention and Early Intervention team provides services to individuals (18 years and older) in the Adult Mental Health System of Care. The mission of this team is to identify individuals who may be experiencing first signs or symptoms of a major mental illness with the hopes that early intervention and treatment might prevent an acute onset of a psychiatric illness. Assessments may be made when there is concern of serious depression with suicidal thoughts, a change in behavior, increased anxiety, difficult with performing typical tasks of daily living.

Our team consists of two licensed therapists for ages 18-59 and one occupational therapist specializing in geriatrics for those 60 and above. 

Referrals may be made from family members, friends, medical professionals, schools and/or other community providers.

Referrals are made though the PEI team supervisor, Steve Ruzicka 831-454-4538.

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