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CHDP Orthodontia Clinic

What is the CCS Orthodontia Clinic?
Once a year, CCS coordinates a special screening clinic for children with orthodontic needs. The goal is to identify children with malocclusion (abnormal positioning of the teeth) that is medically handicapping and requires correction. These children are referred to the CCS Treatment Program to make a final determination of eligibility for treatment services.

Does this mean CCS will pay for braces?
For eligible children, the answer is yes. To be eligible, a child must have a serious (medically handicapping) malocclusion of the teeth and mouth. In addition, the child must be financially and residentially eligible.

How is Medically Handicapping Malocclusion determined?
This happens at the CCS Orthodontia Clinic. The child is examined by an orthodontist and the degree of malocclusion is diagnosed. If the degree meets CCS criteria, the child is determined to be medically eligible.

Is there an age requirement?
Children must have their permanent teeth and this usually occurs between 10 and 12 years of age. Treatment must be completed before the 21st birthday.

Are there other restrictions?
Yes, a child must meet the same residential and financial eligibility as for the CCS Treatment Program. And, children who have full coverage under the Medi-Cal program are not eligible; they can receive assistance through Denti-Cal, a part of Medi-Cal.

How does a child obtain an appointment for the CCS Orthodontia Clinic?
The Clinic occurs annually in February. CCS accepts referrals to the clinic from September through December before the February clinic. Families, dentists, physicians or any one else can refer a child. The CCS Administrative Office will coordinate the appointment with the family. Families are encouraged to call CCS to obtain an application or use the CCS Referral Form.

What happens after the child is seen at the Orthodontia Clinic?
If the child is found to have a medically eligible malocclusion, the child and family are referred to the CCS Treatment Program. CCS will determine if a child is financially and residentially eligible. If the child is eligible in all respects, the child is referred to a CCS paneled orthodontist to begin treatment of the malocclusion.

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