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STD Community Interventions Program (SCIP)

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What is SCIP?

The STD Community Interventions Program (SCIP), formerly Chlamydia Awareness and Prevention Program or CAPP, was founded by the State in 2000. SCIP promotes awareness and prevention of Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases among youth and young adults, the groups that suffer the highest STD rates in California, by increasing local capacity of staff.             

What does SCIP do?

SCIP’s approach to sustainable STD prevention programs is to build skills of program staff as well as establish collaborations between youth-serving community based programs, government projects and schools via cross-training and interagency partnerships that focus on integrating STD prevention into youth development, teen pregnancy prevention, alcohol and drug use and violence prevention.

SCIP has followed the classic model of program planning which emphasizes assessment prior to the development of interventions. A statewide database has resulted in providing local SCIP coordinators and their partners with detailed information on the strengths and gaps among local programs serving adolescents and young adults at risk for STDs, HIV and teen pregnancy.

The long-term goals of the STD Community Interventions Program are to increase the overall capacity of local health jurisdictions to conduct primary prevention of STDs and to establish community networks that serve to strengthen a variety of community and public health efforts in the future.

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SCIP Program Activities

Some of the resources that the State Regional Health Education Coordinator (RHEC) and/or the local health department SCIP Coordinator can offer are:

  • Identify local resources and gaps in youth services
  • Facilitate networking with youth agencies that have complementary program
  • Offer Technical Assistance (TA) on program planning, evaluation, grant-writing and other program needs
  • Provide FREE professional trainings for program staff and teachers on STDs, youth facilitation, program planning, and more…
  • Offer STD information, including National, State and Local STD data and trends
  • Answer any questions you may have and provide appropriate referrals for topics on youth and STDs
  • Provide a FREE STD Lesson Plan Curriculum for teachers or other youth program staff (click here to download)

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How to Get Involved

If you would like to become a part of the SCIP network and receive e-Updates, email us!

Almost as importantly, help us to plan relevant trainings!
Click here to fill out a short survey about your training wants and needs.

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Upcoming Trainings

No trainings scheduled at this time.

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Past Trainings

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Contact Information

For more information please contact the Local SCIP Coordinator, Sarah Harmon, at 454-5418.

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Contact Info

For more information please contact the Local SCIP Coordinator, Sarah Harmon, at (831) 454-5418